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Saturday, June 14, 2014


I've always loved the sound of violins.

It will take years to master the violin so I'm telling myself now, be patient!

Do I mean to say I'm learning how to play it??  You bet.   I just enrolled in a formal music school offering 16-session violin lessons.

I will tell you more about my journey soon.  In the meantime, I got some kind of consolation from this entry in the website.

Someone asked:  "I'm 60.  Am I too old to play the violin?"
The Answer:  (and I love it!)   "... the main difference between you and the ten-year-old learning the You have one and the ten-year-old doesn't. You have a job, a mortgage, a car payment and a million other obligations vying for your time and preventing you from practicing an hour a day. You (presumably) also don't have a parent standing over you making you practice and/or a teacher doing the same. One of the main reasons kids progress further and faster than adults is simple...they open their case, pull out the violin and bow, and practice. And then they repeat those actions the next day. The toughest obstacle you'll face in learning the violin (with apologies to Nike) is doing it.  Sure, kids may have some advantages but so do you, such as a lifetime of experiences and communication skills. Maybe you've never changed the oil in your car yourself, but if I said, "To start, find a twelve millimeter wrench and crawl under the engine of your car," you would at least have some understanding of my instructions. You would know what a wrench is and where your engine is. Would an eight-year-old?   Music-related trade groups recently began campaigns targeting "recreational music makers." Nowhere could this be more valuable than in the violin world. There's enormous benefit to engaging the brain in new activities through all stages of life. Is sixty too old to learn golf, knitting or skydiving? How about learning computers? Assuming no unknown physical conditions, there's nothing that should keep an older adult from learning the violin. As with most anything in life, you'll go as far as your own talent, practice and dedication will take you."

Need I say more??

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