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I was successful in customizing my blogspot account with my own domain and as you can see, I'm all set-up! Whew!

I just went "techie".  While I still have a ton to learn about blogging, it gave me instant gratification to be able to do the website "tweakings" by myself. Kaya natin ito.  

www.mombisyosa.com is now working! 

My tip to you if you want to have your own blog online is to start it simple and yes, at no cost to you. Google has its own blog service which offers an excellent entry-level blogging experience. If you do not have a google account yet, sign up at their website. Getting an account is a breeze.
mombisyosa techie mom
This is Mombisyosa *wink* 

Google Blogger will "help us with the basics of creating our own blog. We want our blog to reflect our personality, don’t we? Well, they have templates that we can use and adapt as our creativity dictates. These can be the launching pad for a blog site that is uniquely us." 

If you want to learn about Blogging with the Google Blogger, you can go to 
Google Blogger (Sign in with your google account) The Google Blogger Cheat Sheet 

Moving on, the next big question is what design do I want for my blog page.   Hmmm,  I think I want something that's soothing to the eyes, filled with white spaces, uncluttered.   Let's see...

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