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JAZZ mp3s

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Jazz...jazz... jazz  I have no idea why I came to love jazz music, why it appeals to me so much, but it just does. I love the rhythms, the interaction, the chord progressions, the freedom, the improvisations.  Ahhh! 

My love for music was influenced by Tatay and Nanay. (will elaborate on this soon). My love for jazz was influenced by my Kuya Benjie.   I remember him bringing home those LP albums during the 80's of jazz artists like Joe Sample, Lee Ritenour, Dave Gruisin, Bob James, Earl Klugh and many others, and tuning in on Citylite 88.3 FM.  Ang sarap makinig!

I hope I can write about why I love jazz and why you should too, hehe but for now, allow me to share some mp3s with you.  There is a variety of jazz music, but I'm more gravitated toward what's called contemporary and fusion, and those belonging to the smooth jazz category (incl. yung mga bossa, mga lounge and spa music hehe).

First step in learning to love jazz is to realize the dynamics that's involved in the music.  Ang hirap i-explain pero when you listen to a jazz ensemble, you are actually "witnessing" a special collaboration.  The musicians "converse", "elaborate" and "create"...  hehe In other words, listening to jazz involves the imagination - parang naiimagine mo sila habang "pinaglalaruan" nila yung mga musical instruments na hawak nila at inaappreciate pano nila ginagawa yung soul-wrenching sounds na galing dun.   Yun na lang haha    

Like the "oldies" and the "spiritual" mp3s, this little utility in mombisyosa.com is meant to make a few music/audio playlists available to you para oks na oks ang background music while you're on the net or just working at the computer. For personal use lang po, kumbaga. Mejo "kapanahunan" kong jazz numbers ang iseshare ko dito.  Initial entries here: 

To download these audio message/s,  click on "share" (on the divshare player below), then "link to mp3".  Enjoy!

... and more! Please check out the playlist below (25 tracks):
To download these music files (mp3s),  click on "share" (on the divshare player below), then "link to mp3".  Enjoy!

What about you, jazzers, what are your favorite jazz pieces??

Disclaimer:  The mp3s went through "recording-quality downgrading" on purpose and were uploaded in a free hosting site called Divshare. Our apologies for the ADVERTISEMENTS that appear in Divshare, over which MOMbisyosa has no control.)

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