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To go straight to the playlist of Dr. Ed Lapiz's messages, please find and click the link below. 

I'm sharing here my collection of messages and teachings in mp3 (by my favorite speakers/teachers). Believe me, my having them in my cellphone music player has aided my spiritual growth for years on end.

I started listening to audio files way back when the cassette tape was the "in" thing. I would even record bible messages from my favorite Christian station DZAS and listen to them repeatedly in my Walkman... hehe

Ang haba kaya ng biyahe ko daily from Cainta to Makati and back. My earphones kept me company through the horrendous traffic and I genuinely enjoyed every minute of it. Kadalasan nga, nag wiwish pa ako na mas humaba pa ang traffic para matapos ko on time yung pinapakinggan ko...

Yes, these mp3s are downloadable.  We can save the file and listen to them in our phone's mp3 player and yes, share them to spread the good news, so to speak.  Talk about great messages-on-the-go, di ba? Kung online naman tayo parati, I've put a little player here below so we can listen to the messages continuously and learn a lot from God's Word.  Or while doing something else, eg. while washing clothes, nagtitiklop ng sinampay, namamalantsa (if you still do all these yourself), nagluluto, sa traffic nga, naghihintay sa pila, sa clinics, bago matulog atbp. Ang daming matututunan! (kesa ang ating isip ay nasa "neutral" lang.. hehe) Initial entries are mp3 messages of my favorite Bible teacher, Kuya Ed Lapiz.  

How to Enjoy Everyday Anyday
Filipino Values for National Moral Recovery
How to Survive Bouts of Loneliness
Kung Mabigat ang Loob
What to Do with Mistakes

PLUS!!! More powerful titles

Kiss Your Fears Goodbye
Why Problems Can Be Blessings
Nanghihina Ako
Ang Mabuting Kristiano 
Let God Give You Rest   
Ang Mahusay na Kapamilya
The Marks and Fruits of Wisdom
A Time to Tear Down
Ang Mahusay na Kapamilya
Be Full to Give
Careful with Oversimplification
Sleep through the Storm
Elements of Romance
Kung Mabigat ang Loob
How to Survive Bouts of Loneliness

To download these audio message/s,  click on "share" (on the divshare player below), then "link to mp3".  Enjoy!

I will add to this list as often as possible so do check back with this page again.  When the list has grown, I will categorize the messages in such a way that should we need to refer to a particular lesson or to share something to someone, (isesend lang natin sa taong yun yung mp3 di ba?), you can find it here in no time.  

Note:  The sermon mp3s posted here are of the "compressed quality".  The file size of a 40 min. message does not exceed 15MB each, made them this way so as not to occupy too much of one's audio player's memory/storage space.  There's also a few with an audio that's a little bit muffled because either they were just recorded directly from the radio broadcast or "extracted" from an uploaded youtube audio/video post and then converted to mp3 format.  These files are for our personal use only.  Enjoy! :D
One of Ed Lapiz books

I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Ed Lapiz for the special permission he granted us to make this mp3 versions available at our site.   To support Dr. Ed's ministry, please buy the DVDs of his messages at Kaloob Bookstore, Folk Arts Theater CCP Complex Pasay City. Tel. no.8321120 loc. 118.   His books and audiotapes are also available there and all National Book Stores, and online at CSM and Phil. Christian Bookstores nationwide. Thanks!

***DR. ED LAPIZ's mp3 messages DIVSHARE PLAYLIST (compressed quality)

Disclaimer:  The mp3s went through "recording-quality downgrading" on purpose and were uploaded in a free hosting site called Divshare. Our apologies for the ADVERTISEMENTS that appear in Divshare, over which MOMbisyosa has no control.)

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